A one-day hackathon for women

❖ DESIGN interfaces, experiences, and branding
❖ BUILD a game, app, webpage, mechanical device, database robot, etc!
❖ PITCH your ideas and solutions
❖ LEARN about tech

There will be food, mentors, and lots of cool people. Come to gain technical skills, meet other like-minded women, and most importantly have a great time!

Questions/Concerns? Message us on Facebook!

fb event link: https://goo.gl/KN7eTP

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- All faculties, disciplines, and years welcome

- no experience necessary

- Teams must be of 2-4 members


Kathleen MacAinsh

Kathleen MacAinsh
Interaction Designer, Ladies that UX Co-City-Founder

Selin Acar

Selin Acar
Women in Technology Society Co-President, Software BESc Candidate

Michelle Chen

Michelle Chen
Women in Technology Society Co-President, Computer Science BSc Candidate

Danlei Chen

Danlei Chen
Women in Engineering Vice-President, Mechanical BESc Candidate

Vanessa Deng

Vanessa Deng
Software BESc/Ivey HBA Candidate

Kaspar Shahzada

Kaspar Shahzada
Mechatronics BESc/Ivey HBA Candidate, We Pitch President

Nicole Devos

Nicole Devos
BESc '15, MESc (Electrical, Robotic Control) Candidate

Mari Bui

Mari Bui
Environmental Design BDes '16, Entrepreneur

Anwar Jeffrey

Anwar Jeffrey
Communitech Ambassador

Judging Criteria

  • Overall Criteria for All Categories - Technology
    Technology: How effective was the technology used to achieve the group's overall goals? How difficult was the technical problem chosen?
  • Overall Criteria for All Categories - Design
    Design: Is the user interface clear and easy to use? Does it look aesthetically pleasing or professional-looking? Does the workflow make sense, and is it intuitive to use?
  • Overall Criteria for All Categories - Learning
    Learning: Did the team partner with new people and collaborate together? Did the team learn and try something new with the hack? Were they able to work on a different category or platform for the project?
  • Overall Criteria for All Categories - Quality
    Quality: How well does the hack work from start to finish? Did the team scope the features of the hack well, given the time frame of the hacking period? How well were the features implemented for the project, in terms of the working condition?
  • Overall Criteria for All Categories – Impact
    Impact: Does the hack tackle an existing problem in the world today? Does the hack improve on current solution methods or technologies?
  • Best Almost Hack Criteria
    How close is the prototype to a finished product? Do most of the functionalities and user interface items work? Did the team achieve their overall goals with the hack? How will the team improve on the current prototype for the future?
  • Most Creative Hack Criteria
    How unique is the idea for the hack? Did the hack use an existing technology in a different way? How creatively was the problem solved?
  • Best Use of Tutorial Hack Criteria
    How well was the team able to integrate concepts learnt in tutorial within the hack? Did the hack include ideas and solutions discussed in tutorials?
  • Best Pitch Criteria
    Was the team able to clearly explain their idea and what the hack did? How well did the team respond to questions? Does the hack seem like something people would want to buy and use outside of the hackathon?
  • Best Overall Hack
    How well did the team perform from all of the above criteria?